Pigeon Simulator - системные требования, дата выхода, скриншоты

Pigeon Simulator

Системные требования
Процессор: TBD
Оперативная память: TBD MB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: TBD
Звуковая карта: TBD
Процессор: TBD
Видеокарта: TBD
Звуковая карта: TBD
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Об игре

Pigeons are born with one purpose in life that outweighs all others…
For centuries, pigeons have sought to stop the oppressions of mankind by gaining influence over them. For centuries, they have lost this battle…
…until now?

Every few generations, a pigeon is born with extraordinary capabilities—a hero in the flock.
You are this Blessed Bird. You are The Chosen One.
But with great power, comes great responsibility. How will you create your Pigeon Paradise?

— Will you destroy all humanity has built and return the land to Mother Nature?
— Will you strive to create a utopia where birds and mankind can live together in peace and harmony?
— Will you embrace the tools of civilization and leverage them to gain control over the population?
— Will you migrate your flock far, far away to begin life anew?
— Or maybe you’ll just turn everyone into mindless, half-bird zombies and live like a tyrant king.

The choice is yours in this ‘physics sandbox roguelite’, featuring a rich mix of hand-crafted content and procedurally generated elements to create a unique experience each time you play.The Circle of LifeBegin each life as a baby bird. Survive in the crazy circumstances you find yourself randomly born into. Explore, learn, and grow your Gene Pool. If you die, some of your DNA is passed on to your successors, making them stronger. Conquer one location at a time, through any means you can find, until you fulfill your destiny and make the entire planet your Pigeon Paradise.

It’s time to leave the nest and live your best pigeon life. Fly and be free!

Pigeon Simulator is an open development project. This means we’re going beyond typical ‘early access’ to give you deeper insight into the development process and truly shape the direction of the game from as early on as we can comfortably do. This will be a very transparent—maybe a little chaotic—fun process and we invite you to join us!

We’re currently building out a very flexible set of core systems for Pigeon Simulator. Things like:
— A procedural city generator, including interiors and ‘dungeons.’
— An ambitious, physics-based destruction engine capable of major physics chaos.
— A unique and flexible skill tree and ability structure we call ‘the DNA system’ and ‘Stomach Alchemy’.
— An advanced ‘AI Storyteller’, NPC relationship simulator, and Story Module system.
— A unique content production pipeline to help us bring crazy ideas to life as fast as we can as a 5 man team.
— And tons of physics-based, pigeon pooping mayhem!

In the coming months, we’ll be working directly with fans like you on various features of the game from concept, to rough prototyping, to sweet polish. Our goal is to set things up in a way that we can have an extensive amount of community involvement and implement tons of your ideas as we go.

We’re excited to build this game with you!Wishlist and FollowTo become part of this community early on and get a chance to be part of the early test and design groups!

Coo Cooooooo!

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