Paper Cut Mansion - системные требования, дата выхода, скриншоты

Paper Cut Mansion

Space Lizard Studio Ltd
Space Lizard Studio Ltd
Системные требования
Требуются 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
ОС: Windows 10
Процессор: Core i5 2.8GHz
Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
Место на диске: 5 GB
Звуковая карта: Realtek Audio
Требуются 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
про камень ножницы бумага

Об игре

Paper Cut Mansion is a Roguelite Horror set in a cardboard universe.
The player is a paper man trapped in a paper mansion who has to solve a series of puzzles and riddles “escape-room” style in order to get out of the house.

The house has different levels and, during his journey, the player will encounter other mansion inhabitants, some will ask him to complete quests and give him rewards, some other will try to hide, some other will try to kill him.
If during the game the player dies he will start over from the first level.

The player will find new equipments hidden in each level and will unlock new abilities to become more powerful and less likely to die in his mansion runs.

After dying, he can try again as many times as he likes and will be able to gradually shape his own play style by combining the equipments he finds on each run.

Explore, Solve Puzzles, Discover the Story, Fight or Flee, Prepare to Die, Gear Up, Repeat!

What are the game’s Core Features in few words?

— Creepy and Thrilling story line which unfolds ( pun intended ) as you progress in the game and unlocks different endings depending on your performance.

— Game mechanics designed for high replayability.

— Perma-death.

— The more you fail and start over, the more you learn about the mechanics.

— Unique AI for each enemy type — unexpected behaviors — makes enemies creepier and more fearsome.

— Logical puzzles designed to make the player think.

— Collectible Upgrades.

— Customize your equipment before each game to shape your own play style.

Each level is a procedurally generated mansion composed of a series of rooms. The player starts in one of the rooms and he/she is free to examine the furniture in detail searching for clues and loots. He can also open a door to go to another room with other furniture to check. Sometimes an enemy can be found while checking furniture and once revealed it will chase the player.
Players can travel to one of the 3 different dimensions by using Portals. Every dimension keeps the rooms, doors, furniture in exactly the same position as the previous one, however, something else will change in terms of aesthetics and gameplay.


The game’s Lore is revealed as the player talks to NPCs, completes quests, finds clues, progresses through levels and even when he dies.
Each piece of the story will be unlocked step by step and then attached to an Evidence Board on the main menu to keep track of the unsolved mystery.

Replayability is the key

PCM is a "prepare to die" type of experience. Once a player starts a new game he will need to find his way through the mansion and discover things by himself (What’s dangerous? What’s beneficial? How does something combine with something else, Etc.).
As a player you will be motivated to start a new game to do better and better and equip those things you find during the current mansion crawl.

The player can only personalize his equipment before starting a new game. Since this is a "prepare to die" game the player has the chance to select his own "character build" only before entering the mansion — he discovers mechanics on the way and learns from his mistakes during the game and once he/she dies then have a fresh start to try out new equipment combinations.

There will be different ending scenarios depending on how the player performs — some of these will be easier to achieve if a decent combination of equipment is selected.
And of course the mansion is procedurally generated so every experience is different and that gives a lot of space to plenty of easter eggs and rare things to discover.

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