3rd Invasion - Zombies vs. Steel - системные требования, дата выхода, скриншоты

3rd Invasion — Zombies vs. Steel

Год релиза
Jesper Skjærbæk
Jesper Skjærbæk
Системные требования
ОС: 8
Процессор: Yes
Оперативная память: 1 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Some
DirectX: Версии 10
Место на диске: 300 MB
Звуковая карта: Yes
про зомби 2019

Об игре

This is a simple battle tactic game, but with a difference.
The strategy part to the game, is more important.
Some times losing a battle, makes You win the war.

3 Different IA’s and many different tactics to win each battle.

The most important in your life, is to Buy This Game, and become the General of the Allied Forces.

Battle on many different terrains, and with many different units…
Set up the forces, the way You like.
Build Your base, the way You like.

"Have You ever Want to be a General.?"
The poster for the recruitment centre asked.

Here and now, You Can become the Battlefield General.
Imagine building your own Unique Armies and Controlling the way they attack.

Each Battle is exciting and challenging because of the different AI’s.
And there are Leader Boards showing, Who is the Top General.

Control large armies in this Real Time Strategy game, with a touch of RISK.

You need to Build a Base, that can defend against the Enemies attacks.
You can build up Your Army, Behind your walls, setting them of for One Massive Attack.
Or You can send out small Quick Strike Teams.
You Choose, if it should be Fast Moving or Hard Hitting, Because You are The General, in This Game.

Discover the Enemies HQ, and bring Your Armies into Striking Distance,
and Destroy The Evil Infestation.
Just to Reveal the Hidden Truth, behind the 3rd Invasion.Intro:The Storm is About to break.
The Enemy are ready, are You.?

These are the Units, that are under your command.
The Story so fare
The storm is about to break.
But we don’t know what it is or where it is from…

The 1st Invasion was the Zombie Plage.
The Zombie Killing Cyborgs from 1st Core, tried to hold them back.
The 2nd Invasion was the Undead Awaken.
The Wizards from the 2nd Circle, nearly fought them to a stand still.

But both invasion was not from Earth…

Now our Armies are starting to work together. They are fighting back the First and the Second Invasion, but we know something else is coming.

Each time just before an Invasion started we had problems with radars all over the world.
Sometimes they go offline for an hour, sometimes they burned out.
And every time a Zombie plague hits or the Undead Awakes 10 days after.

This time we might be ready, because the radar just went offline.
And we started an airlift, into the area…

Now You have to Fight.
Fight to become the Savior of the Earth.

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