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The Rebellion

Об игре

The Rebellion blends traditional ARPG/RTS elements with a souls-like combat style and limitless player control. Establish your Lordship over the land, construct your village, negotiate trade and diplomacy, equip your army, and lead your forces to war in a dark divided empire.

Key Features

Take Control from Above or Join the Battlefield
Command armies from afar or lead your warriors up close and personal with a specialized hero unit. Personally commanding your hero has its benefits, but is not required to secure victory. Will you have the courage to defeat your enemies on the field of battle?

Limitless Unit Equipment Customization
You make the overall decision for the composition of your armies down to the weapons and armor your men use. Each unit can be outfitted as you see fit quickly and simply. Use simple iron armor to save resources or give some units specialized equipment like Agacite and Bromium to provide them a bonus. Use light armor to make them nimble, or load them up with heavy plate armor to make them slower, but tougher.

Wave Defense Survival
Hone your skills alone or online with friends in a randomized wave defense mode. Put your strategic ability to the ultimate test against hordes of increasingly difficult AI’s. They will throw everything at you: how long can you survive?

Design Your Village
Freely place every structure in your territory. Set up defenses, optimize structure placement, and command your units from above to dominate your enemies. Manage the logistics for your faction by planning trade routes, guarding valuable convoys, and supplying unit equipment for a fulfilling RTS experience. You are the architect for your village and the way you utilize the land will lead to victory or defeat.

Vast Open Map
The Rebellion is set in a grim, low fantasy world that is relentless in nature. Uncover hidden secrets in our hand-crafted world as you explore the various caves, forests, mountains, and ruined environments.

Online Multiplayer
Engage in dynamic and strategic warfare against other players in a team-based or free-for-all environment. Wave defense also offers online cooperative play!

The Setting
The Empire held the reigns of absolute power in the land for many years. One day the Emperor departed from the capitol with his retinue and never returned creating a massive power vacuum. The entire kingdom was suddenly thrust into chaos as military leaders, lords, and long-suppressed factions began to rise up to take advantage of the confusion. Three major factions emerged from the fires of the conflict; the rebels, the imperial remnants, and the common folk. With all three of these factions battling for survival, this conflict has no clear end in sight.

Musical Credits
Primary Composer Zhao Shen
Supplemental Music by Dylan Cooke

Who We Are
My brother and I quit our jobs three years ago to create this game. We have been loyal fans of real-time strategy for 20 years, but we are disappointed with the lack of innovation. We want to bring this industry back to what matters, creating an experience that this community of gamers deserves. The Rebellion puts you in the driver seat as a Lord in this medieval world.

Do you want to be able to go into any building? Sure! Betray your friends by suddenly declaring war on them? Why not! Roleplay as a Lord and rule the land with an iron fist? Sounds good! Freedom is the rule and we want to implement as few restrictions as possible.

If you give our game a chance I can promise you three things. We will always be open and honest, never be pay-to-win, and never forget that making exciting games for you to enjoy is why we started this journey. I hope you will come along with us!

Caz Game Design Team

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